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Bvlgari Blv - Eau De Toilette 100ml

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  • A scent of unexpected contrasts and surprising harmonies
  • A masculine After Shave Lotion Splash presented with a streamlined and strikingly contemporary design
  • It brings out your irresistible power of seduction
  • This fragrance promotes a sense of modernity and masculinity
  • This melts you in pure freshness while you step out exuding your suave elegance
BVLGARI The history of BVLGARI – a name synonymous with precious jewels, striking design, vivid colors (and fine fragrances) – begins in a small Greek village, where Sotirio Bulgari fashioned precious objects from silver. In 1879, Sotirio crossed the Mediterranean from Naples, then moved on to Rome. It was the humblest of beginnings: he sold his silverware objects in front of the French Academy on the Pincio. Then a Greek merchant offered him the corner of a window in his shop on the via Sistina to showcase his wares. Customers loved them – and in 1884, Sotirio opened his first jewelry store, on that same street. 10 years later, he moved to the Via Condotti – renaming his shop ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’, from the Dickens novel, to act as a magnet to British and American tourists. It worked – and before long, Sotirio was beginning to make jewelry and accessories, as well as silver objects. But it was Sotirio’s sons, Giorgio and Constantino, who fell in love with precious stones, learned the secrets of the trade, and took Bulgari to a new level. The Via Condotti store grew and had a makeover. And after the tribulations of World War II came a turning point, embracing the classicism of the Greeks and Romans and the Italian Renaissance, to carve out the bold, distinctive style that we know Bulgari for today. The ‘V’ used in the Bulgari logo is taken from the Latin script that the house adopted as its signature, FYI.